Upgrade Brand + Content Visuals Using These 2 Editing Tools On Canva

5 min readJul 5, 2022

From plain to fancy in less than one minute

Image edited on Canva

There are a lot of design elements on Canva, and I find that they constantly update the platform to make it as easy to modify visuals and videos.

Since my YouTube channel got rejected for monetisation, i have been experimenting with visuals and editing third-party content to make

it comply with YT’s Partner Program policy.

I love the Canva background remover tool, which does not work on all photos but tends to work on 90% of them.

By removing the background of a picture, you can play around with the lead aspect of an image. Say you wanted to create a YouTube banner. You can edit any stock photo to “personalise” a faceless channel or edit your personal photos in a creative way.

You’ll find the Background Remover after you select an image. Just go to Edit Image, and it will show up.

After removing the background, you can select another image to replace the previous background. In addition, i’ve just flipped the image to the right.

You can add other elements on top of your background. Here, I wanted to add a light effect to give insight into a channel concept. All I did was go to the Elements tab and search for Light.

Below is how how the final image looks. You can use this method to create…


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