My (Faceless) YouTube Channel Didn’t Get Monetised, Here’s Why.

6 min readMay 29, 2022

Avoid the mistakes I made.

Photo by Azamat E on Unsplash

My first reason for creating a YouTube channel was not monetisation. However, I have rent and other costs to pay for, and I welcome money into my life — It’s needed, even for the simple life.

In September last year, I, spontaneously, created a YouTube channel. The first video got 700 views in a few hours. I’m really not boasting, it’s just the reality I encountered which gave me a false ideal.

To get monetised on YouTube, you need 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours watch time to apply for their Partner Program.

What is my channel about?

I am a meditation teacher, and I’m also clairaudient. I use meditation to channel messages that will help people with emotions like grief, attachment, depression (all of which I’ve personally experienced, ironically a lot after learning I was clairaudient) and how to seek the Self.

I hit 2000 hours in 2 months. Then my views slowed down. However, I was lucky with my niche because it’s not that easy to get watch hours unless you have an average to great video on a highly-relevant topic or you have found a niche with engaged followers.

I hit 1k subscribers in March and 4k subscribers in April. I was ready to get monetised. Except it never happened.

Below are the current stats:

So, why didn’t I get monetised?

I used Canva to create my videos. I love Canva, I use it for many of my projects. However, it is wise to know that the YouTube team do see Canva as a “content farm” because they pull images, video and audio from third-party websites, and when you use the videos without editing them, it looks like reused content. I get that. I just didn’t realise it would be a such a big issue because it took me a few hours to edit and create one video. I did tend to use a


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