How I Got My Faceless YouTube Channel Monetised

6 min readAug 4, 2022

After several attempts.

Do this from the start and you will get monetised sooner

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For those that need to hear these words today: “It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.” — Confucius

If you have read my previous article on YouTube not accepting my faceless channel in their Partner Program, you will understand how relieved I am, and happy that I didn’t give up.

After almost 7 months of posting content nearly every day, I stopped posting for a month after getting rejected from earning money via YT. I thought of creating a new channel because it seemed easier than deleting videos, losing watch hours and having to create new (more creative) versions of old videos I have posted online. But even a new channel seemed like too much effort.

I had to regain my senses and withdraw from the work altogether. I asked myself these questions:

Why did I start this channel?

What do I really want to communicate to the world?

The answers were: to provide people with joy in their daily lives and to give people hope through philosophical spirituality. It’s my niche. That is what I know best via experience.

With that in mind and a lot of persuading the ego that it’s not all for money, I continued. I created new content, following YouTube’s guidelines, and as those videos gained views, I began to delete the old content. It took two months to “clean” my whole channel. I wrote different, longer descriptions for every video and updated my About section.

The second time I accidentally applied for the Partner Program. When you hit ‘re-apply’, you don’t get a choice to confirm. Your page goes straight through to YouTube again. So do not submit if you haven’t fully edited your channel. I never made it through that time either.

And then, on the 3rd attempt, I finally got accepted.

I have blocked out my channel name here for privacy purposes

Now that the emotional part of the journey is over with, let me move on to the…


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